Additional Services Info 6/2/23 @1:26 PM History
Comment for Additional Services:

The Mailman email list service will be unavailable Wednesday, June 7, from 5am-7am while UO staff perform maintenance. UO email lists at will be unavailable during that time. Emails sent to those lists are expected to bounce.

AppWorx Info 6/5/23 @10:17 AM History
Comment for AppWorx:

On Friday, June 9, during the 7pm-9pm maintenance window, UO staff will do minor maintenance on AppWorx. The first time you use AppWorx after the change, it may be slower to start while a brief update occurs. A dialog box will indicate that an update is in progress.

Banner Available 5/12/23 @11:25 PM History
Blogs Partially Unavailable 5/3/23 @3:54 PM History
Comment for Blogs:

UO developers are aware of a problem with UO Blogs websites that use the custom CAS and Cosmic themes. Editors of those sites are getting a "Divi Builder Timeout" error when editing with the Divi editor.

Campus Virtual Lab Available 4/6/23 @9:10 AM History
Canvas Available 2/16/23 @10:17 AM History
Colocation Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Confluence Available 5/18/23 @5:12 PM History
Degree Guide Available 5/12/23 @11:26 PM History
Dining Available 5/12/23 @11:26 PM History
Dropbox Available 2/9/23 @8:55 AM History
Duck ID Info 6/5/23 @12:08 PM History
Comment for Duck ID :

This evening (Monday, June 5), the Duck ID Account Management website ( will be unavailable while our Duck ID vendor performs maintenance. The work will begin at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time and is expecting to take about one hour.

DuckDocs Available 5/22/23 @9:15 PM History
DuckWeb Available 5/12/23 @11:26 PM History
Email: IMAP/POP Available 7/25/22 @9:20 AM History
Email: outgoing (SMTP) Available 9/20/22 @1:45 PM History
Email: UOmail Partially Unavailable 6/5/23 @1:56 PM History
Comment for Email: UOmail:

Exchange Online, the Microsoft service behind UOmail, is once again experiencing a widespread service degradation as of about 1:15pm, similar to this morning's. The UO community may be unable to access Outlook on the web (, and may encounter problems using UOmail in various other email programs. Other Microsoft 365 services, such as TeamsOneDrive, and SharePoint, may also be affected. Microsoft is sharing updates through its Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account.

EMS Room Scheduling Available 5/3/23 @2:47 PM History
Ethernet Available 5/30/23 @9:01 AM History
IDR (Integrated Data and Reporting) Available 5/6/23 @10:14 AM History
Microsoft Office 365 Partially Unavailable 6/5/23 @1:53 PM History
Comment for Microsoft Office 365:

The UO community may experience problems with Teams, One Drive, and SharePoint due to a widespread service degradation, similar to this morning's, that is also affecting UOmail. The problems recurred around 1:15pm. Specifically, the search functionality may be unavailable in OneDrive and SharePoint, and a variety of Teams features may not be functioning correctly. Microsoft is sharing updates through its Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account.


MyTrack (PageUp) Available 2/16/23 @10:17 AM History
Panopto Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Qualtrics Available 8/26/22 @11:51 AM History
ResourceSpace Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Slate Available 11/22/22 @10:20 AM History
Telephones Available 4/6/23 @9:14 AM History
UO Service Portal Available 5/17/23 @10:10 AM History
VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Web hosting: Drupal CMS Available 5/2/23 @6:10 AM History
Web Hosting: Pages Available 5/9/23 @7:07 AM History
Webmail Available 5/9/23 @7:07 AM History
Wireless network Available 5/30/23 @9:01 AM History
Zoom Available 1/17/23 @9:02 AM History