Additional Services Available 9/25/23 @8:59 AM History
AppWorx Info 9/25/23 @9:04 AM History
Comment for AppWorx:

If you notice AppWorx jobs getting stuck, please submit a ticket at Banner support.

Banner Available 9/25/23 @8:59 AM History
Blogs Available 6/6/23 @10:47 AM History
Campus Virtual Lab Available 9/18/23 @11:44 AM History
Canvas Available 2/16/23 @10:17 AM History
Colocation Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Confluence Info 9/25/23 @9:04 AM History
Comment for Confluence:

Confluence ( was upgraded to version 8.5.1 on Sept. 21. For details, please see the release notes for Confluence 8.5. If you encounter any bugs, please submit a ticket at Confluence support.

Degree Guide Available 9/9/23 @9:43 PM History
Dining Available 6/26/23 @9:09 PM History
Dropbox Info 6/16/23 @3:54 PM History
Comment for Dropbox:

UO staff are aware of a rare problem that has resulted in a few UO Dropbox users losing files after the account-related outage in early June. File recovery may be possible. People potentially affected were notified by email on June 16 with more information. Anyone who needs help should submit a ticket at Dropbox support in the UO Service Portal.

Duck ID Info 9/25/23 @9:03 AM History
Comment for Duck ID :

The homepage of the Duck ID Account Management website ( was updated as follows on Sept. 21. See also Duck ID website change.

  • Prominent new "Log in" button.
  • Clearer organization.
  • Removal of excess information.
DuckDocs Available 9/14/23 @7:00 AM History
DuckWeb Available 9/9/23 @9:44 PM History
Email: IMAP/POP Available 9/25/23 @8:59 AM History
Email: outgoing (SMTP) Available 9/25/23 @8:59 AM History
Email: UOmail Available 9/25/23 @9:00 AM History
EMS Room Scheduling Available 9/11/23 @9:37 AM History
Ethernet Available 9/11/23 @9:37 AM History
IDR (Integrated Data and Reporting) Available 7/15/23 @9:40 AM History
Microsoft Office 365 Info 9/5/23 @9:37 AM History
Comment for Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft Stream: UO staff have now retired the classic version of Microsoft's Stream video service. Learn more about the new Stream (on SharePoint) experience. More details are available in a July 27 email to UO users of Stream.

MyTrack (PageUp) Available 2/16/23 @10:17 AM History
Panopto Available 7/17/23 @8:54 AM History
Qualtrics Available 8/1/23 @8:26 AM History
ResourceSpace Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM History
Slate Available 8/4/23 @3:20 PM History
Telephones Available 4/6/23 @9:14 AM History
UO Service Portal Available 9/22/23 @10:42 AM History
VPN (Virtual Private Networking) Info 9/25/23 @9:02 AM History
Comment for VPN (Virtual Private Networking):

The login sequence for UO VPN was updated on Sept. 19. It now includes the familiar Microsoft login prompt and Duo two-step login. Learn more in Around the O.

Web Hosting: Drupal CMS Available 9/18/23 @11:44 AM History
Web Hosting: Pages Available 5/9/23 @7:07 AM History
Webmail Available 9/25/23 @9:00 AM History
Wireless network Available 9/11/23 @9:37 AM History
Zoom Available 1/17/23 @9:02 AM History