Available 11/21/22 @7:47 AM

A backlog of emails from DuckDocs beginning Tuesday was identified this afternoon. Queued email messages are now sending successfully, but it may take several hours for the email backlog to be worked through.

11/18/22 @1:53 PM
Available 11/18/22 @1:48 PM
Available 10/3/22 @11:10 AM

Around 9:30 a.m., IT staff and the vendor were able to restore DuckDocs. They were able to fix it by having to rebuild the Admin tenant configurations and recycling all APP pools. Users should be able to sign-in through the web and Unity clients.

9/30/22 @9:44 AM

Users are unable to login to the web and Unity clients due to an SSL issue in its IdP module. IT staff are working with the vendor to resolve the issue.

9/30/22 @8:36 AM
Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM