Available 9/23/22 @9:56 AM
Info 9/23/22 @9:56 AM

If you experienced problems with Dropbox sync on Friday, Sept. 16, please try restarting your computer or other device.

9/19/22 @9:16 AM

If you've been experiencing problems with Dropbox sync today, please restart your computer/device.

9/16/22 @2:46 PM
Partially Unavailable

Dropbox is experiencing an unplanned service degradation. Online-only files are disabled, and Dropbox is downloading new files to users' hard drives. Users may see an alert that reads: "Contact your admin. Your admin has disabled online-only files. New files will be downloaded to your hard drive." However, the change wasn't initiated by UO staff. Dropbox has confirmed that multiple organizations are experiencing the same problem.

9/16/22 @1:39 PM

The UO Dropbox instance unexpectedly disabled online sync and it will direct new files to be shared to your hard drive. IT staff is working with the vendor to address the issue.

9/16/22 @11:52 AM
Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM