Available 9/20/22 @1:45 PM

UO email servers are running slowly this morning due to high loads. Messages will be delayed. Staff are working to improve performance.

9/20/22 @10:03 AM
Available 7/26/22 @1:23 PM

Outgoing mail flow is returning to normal.

7/26/22 @9:27 AM

Outgoing mail may be experiencing delays. UO IT staff are investigating.

7/26/22 @9:08 AM
Available 7/20/22 @10:11 PM

Earlier this morning (Friday, July 15), many users who forward their UO email to Gmail reported having messages bounce. The cause of this problem has been identified and should now be resolved. However, please note that the UO is not responsible for email messages forwarded to any external email address. The university can't guarantee delivery of email to third-party services. For security and compliance with FERPA, UO employees are strongly discouraged from forwarding email. Please see Use of Email for Official and Mass Communications.

7/15/22 @9:23 AM
Available 7/14/22 @2:00 PM

Delivery of some email messages is delayed. UO staff are investigating the issue.

7/11/22 @9:34 AM
Available 6/30/22 @2:15 PM