Latest Reports

4/05/19 @ 03:24 PM
Proofpoint service degradation

Proofpoint is not currently filtering spam as implemented. Staff are engaged to restore service, and they are working with the vendor. The start time of this incident is currently unknown.

2/07/19 @ 01:28 PM
VMware host outage update for 1:30pm

One VMware host experienced an unplanned service outage that likely resulted in 16 VMs reboot this morning (2/7/19) at approximately 11:44am. The service has been restored and staff are contacting impacted VM owners.

2/07/19 @ 01:21 PM
VMware host outage

One VMware host has experienced an unplanned service outage. This outage may have impacted 16 servers via an unscheduled reboot. VM owners will be contacted shortly.

2/01/19 @ 06:56 PM
Power outage impacted east quadrant of campus

A power outage that started at approximately 6:30pm and ended at 6:41pm impacted 1715 Franklin, Graduate Village, UOPD east, and the Romania Building. Network services recovered once the power was restored.

1/10/19 @ 02:42 PM
DUO authentication latency update: push notifications appear to be working

At 2:26pm PST (Thursday, Dec. 10), DUO reported that their engineering team completed its changes to restore service. Information Services staff have been testing DUO and several report they received push notifications from DUO after 2:30pm today. Based on DUO's reports and our testing, we believe that functionality has been restored.