Latest Reports

12/12/18 @ 04:32 PM
Storage incident resolved by 4:30pm

The storage incident reported earlier today (12/12) has been resolved. Staff are researching the cause of the problem.

12/12/18 @ 04:16 PM
Storage incident impacts limited set of services

A storage incident that began at 4:03pm on December 12, 2018 has taken the following servers offline: is-epo-prod1, is-duo-test2, is-mssql5, cas-docker2, and is-cv2-dan04. Also, the performance of ad-dc1 has been impacted.

11/02/18 @ 06:32 PM
Ethernet impacted between 4:00pm and 4:15pm

Ethernet services may have been impacted by a network loop that occurred between 4:00pm and 4:15pm today. The issue has been resolved.

9/24/18 @ 03:05 PM
Storage incident resolved

Information Services staff have resolved this incident, which was caused primarily by very high loads on the storage servers.

9/24/18 @ 12:33 PM
Storage incident update

Staff have made progress in resolving the storage service incident. After troubleshooting and investigation with the storage vendor, staff made some changes to improve performance and are now checking with campus partners who use storage.