Service Status.



Colocation allows you to place a new or existing server in a rack in the Allen Hall Data Center. Services include network connections, redundant power, and firewalls and other security options.

Criteria for updating the service status

Continued functioning of networking, network security, and essential facility components (for example, cooling, power, and access controls).

CampusNexus CRM

CampusNexus CRM, also known as Talisma, is a cloud-hosted customer resource management service. CampusNexus is our commercial partner in offering this service, and the Office of Enrollment Management is the primary contact.

Criteria for updating the service status
The ability for CampusNexus CRM to send and ingest email, as well as the ability for users to log in and perform actions within the service.



The telephone service is primarily the desk phones used by most UO employees. It does not include cellular phone service to campus.

Criteria for updating the service status

A service degradation or loss of telephone service or access to voicemail will be reported here.

Drupal CMS Web Hosting


Drupal CMS Hosting is a service available to select IT professionals in departments and colleges on campus.  The service provides hosting infrastructure for Drupal sites developed, owned and maintained by campus IT professionals.

Criteria for updating the service status

A degredation in the hosting infrastructure that directly causes an outage, or significant performance issues, to one or more sites hosted in the environment.  


The University of Oregon utilizes the CollegeSource U.Achieve Degree Audit System for handling requirements and processing of degree audits.

Criteria for updating the service status:
The ability for a user to successfully login and perform actions with the U.Achieve Degree Audit client or batch process run via Appworx.


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