Latest Reports

8/29/17 @ 10:31 AM
RT service degradation resolved

The service degradation affecting RT ( was resolved around 10:20am. If you continue to have problems, please contact the Technology Service Desk through the new UO Service Portal ( or by phone at 541-346-4357.

8/29/17 @ 10:02 AM
RT running slowly

RT ( is currently running slowly. Staff are working on the issue.

8/28/17 @ 11:18 AM
UO Degree Guide now available

UO Degree Guide ( is now available again.

8/28/17 @ 10:02 AM
UO Degree Guide unavailable

UO Degree Guide ( is currently unavailable. Staff are working on the issue.

8/23/17 @ 07:55 AM
UO Bend and UO Motor Pool affected by power outage

A power outage at Oregon Hall this morning has caused a technology service outage for UO Bend and UO Motor Pool. Staff are working to restore all services; it will take some time to complete that work.